Kortingsbon first to divest from apartheid south africa

kortingsbon first to divest from apartheid south africa

role, but not the only role. This article originally appeared at, waging Nonviolence. United Nations General Assembly. It rejected economic sanctions and calls for an arms embargo against. The key instrument of this campaign was the so-called Sullivan Principles, authored by and named after the Rev.

Paul Lansing The, divestment of United States Companies.
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When it comes to divestment, the anti- apartheid struggle is always cited as an influence.
South, africans are starting to apply those same lessons to addressing climate change.

Those protesting had the singular goal of seeing the administration carry out the decision and agreements they had made regarding divestment. . Resolution 1761, a non-binding resolution establishing the. 23 The result was that "by the end of 1989 26 states, 22 counties and over 90 cities had taken some form of binding economic action against companies doing business in South Africa". 350.orgs Africa and Middle East team leader Ferrial Adam, who is helping Fossil Free UCT develop its campaign, said that the organizing is influenced by more than the anti- apartheid struggle. Basically, these were lofty goals that would not only be difficult to enforce from a world away, but essentially useless without political change. . Besides advocating that institutional investors withdraw any direct investments in South African-based companies, anti- Apartheid activists also lobbied for the divestment from all.S.-based companies having South African interests who had not yet themselves adopted the Sullivan Principles. Opponents began organizing as soon as apartheid was implemented in 1948. And by the end of 1985, the UMass administration was adhering to a policy of total divestiture, with a total.4 million stocks removed from business with investments in South Africa (College Divestment 1985). .